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Thelma Bowman
Hi, I have a dear friend who is incarcerated, who is in the same dilemma that Adam is in. He has been in a Federal Prison since the age of 20, he is now 37 years old. He is not due to be released until 2093, due to the "stacking charges" He was a first time non violent offender. Is there anywhere we can go for help? Please advise! Thanks so much

Shon Hopwood
Thanks for the kind words Jim. It still seems surreal to have a published book. I doubt that will ever go away. Take care, Shon

Jim Loxley
I'm yet to pick up my copy but I just wanted to say congratulations on the success of your book. When considering quality of The Cocklebur blog, I shouldn't be surprised. However, even then this is a serious achievement well done. Super pleased for you guys!

The LAW MAN Supreme Court Story - Shon Hopwood | Author of Law Man: My Story of Robbing Banks, Winning Supreme Court Cases, and Finding Redemption
[...] the story that, to be honest, was the reason that LAW MAN got published. You can read about it here. Be Sociable, Share! [...]

Carolynn MacDonald absolutely fantastic journey... Unspeakable joy usually only follows almost unbearable pain and sorrow, without one you cannot appreciate the other. For those who have never lost theirs, freedom has a flavor the free will never understand! What Shon could offer Annie was more than money could buy. What Annie and I know is that even though obedience to God and accepting His desires for us can be lonely and sometimes strange, the blessings of receiving a "new creature in Christ," cannot be measured by the world's value on them, but if God is in it -- it's going to be great! Bringing home an ex-con who God has asked us to love can only be appreciated by those of us who have been blessed to know the love of a man who has humbled himself enough to tell the world "Only God could have done it." Annie is my true hero!

Jim Loxley
Nice article, good finds. I stumbled across the Gallagher Blogs some time ago and quite by accident. It's a good resource. I'll be checking out your recommendations.